Imagine, utilizing the contacts that you have to earn a passive income? If you are a marine or outdoor industry insider, we want to make you a Pamlico Group affiliate. Earn income by submitting leads for prospective clients and leave the rest to us. Once your lead signs up to be a client of Pamlico Group or one of our services, you get paid. Simple as that! 


Pamlico Group is a leading marketing and branding agency serving strictly the marine and outdoor industries. We work with brands from small start-ups to large corporations as an outsourced marketing department.

What exactly is an "outsourced marketing department"? We provide marketing department level services to our clients without the overhead of having to hire a marketing department or director. For small to mid-sized brands we manage all marketing efforts including web design, social media management, advertising placements, graphic design work, and more. For large brands we provide fill in and audit services for in-house marketing departments to ensure the content that is created is fresh and captures the intended audience. 

Our services include: 

  • web design
  • graphic design
  • copywriting
  • photography
  • videography
  • social media management
  • social media / web advertising
  • seo strategy
  • brand identity

We also have our own social media management platform called Social Helmstation. We developed this software after being unsatisfied with the current social media management software available and the lack of usable information they provided. Social Helmstation is available as SaS or can be integrated with a managed social media strategy program. 


Pamlico Group affiliates are paid 10% of the business, for marketing services, they bring in, with certain conditions. Some of our work is done on a project basis and some is done on a retainer basis. For project basis services, the commission is 10% of the contracted rate of the project. For retainer based clients that affiliates bring in, the affiliate is paid 10% of the clients contracted retainer rate for as long as the lead is a contracted client, up to 12 months! 


Pamlico Group offers Social Helmstation social media management software. This software is designed to be used by any business to bolster their social media efforts and provide a way to track social performance. For more information on Social Helmstation, simply click the Social Helmstation logo above. For any of the DIY plans we offer 40% commission rates to our affiliates for as long as the client is using the software! For example, if a lead that an affiliate brings in signs up as for a $149/mo software package the affiliate is paid $59.60 PER MONTH for as long as that lead is paying for the software! 


Simply click the link to fill out an application to become a Pamlico Group affiliate. From there, we will look at your credentials and ensure you have the ability to work with us as an affiliate. 


Once you have completed the application process, we will review your application. If you are selected as an affiliate, you will be given instructions on how to submit leads as well as a simple agreement detailing how payments work, restrictions for leads (you cannot submit your employer / parent company / affiliated company as a lead), etc. 

We look forward to working with you as an affiliate and sending you payments for your leads!