Pamlico Group affiliates, submit your leads here. We will contact the people you submit and work with them on determining what their needs are and how we can help. If your contact signs an agreement to work with Pamlico Group, you will be compensated per the terms of our affiliate program. 

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How do you know them? What is your relationship with them? How did you find out about their interest in having some one contact them regarding marketing services?

If Pamlico Group is already working with a lead that you submit, we will notify you and you will not be compensated for any work performed for that lead as they are already a client or have had extensive discussions with a Pamlico Group team member. You may not submit your employer or their parent / affiliate companies as a lead. All affiliate submissions remain valid for 90 days. If, after 90 days, the lead does not materialize into a client of Pamlico Group or a user of one of Pamlico Group's services / software you are not entitled to any compensation should they become a client after that time. All affiliate payments are made via PayPal, no exceptions. Pamlico Group will request a W9 form from all affiliates at the time of their first payment. All payments will be held until Pamlico Group receives a completed W9. Only leads submitted via this online portal will be considered for the affiliate program. If you are not an approved affiliate with a signed affiliate agreement, you may not use this online portal and any leads submitted will not be considered for compensation. Pamlico Group reserves the right to change the terms of the affiliate program at anytime without notice.